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1978 to 1987 El Camino Trim

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Rear Window Moldings El Camino Bed Trim Two Tone Trim
  Wheel Opening Moldings  


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Windshield Moldings   (Clips not included)

8N 1002 L

  Left Side Only, Limited Quantities

$209.95 ea

Genuine GM Bright Rear Window Moldings   (Clips not included) Discontinued, limited stock available

8N 2001 R   Upper Right Only $99.95 ea

Bed Trim
8N 4002 L/R   Long Bed Sides  Double Oversize Shipping LIMITED QUANTITIES These are original GM Moldings $275.95 ea
8R 4050   78-87 Bed Corners, Pr      These are El Camino's Plus products, the best on the market. $64.95 pr


Wheel Opening Moldings oversize shipping Required

8R 6009 L/R

  1978-87 El Camino/Malibu Front Full Wide Style Reproduction Left or Right $32.95 ea
8R 6008 L/R   1978-87 El Camino Rear Full Wide Style Reproduction Left or Right  $67.95 ea
8R 7003 L/R   1978-83 Malibu Rear Full Wide Style Wheel Opening Moldings $59.95 ea
8N 6003 R   1978-87 El Camino Rear Two-Tone Right Only

$99.95 ea

8R 6007 L   1978-87 El Camino Rear Two Tone Left Reproduction  $67.95 ea
8R 6004S         1978-87 El Camino Aftermarket set of 4 Full Style Moldings (slightly different from original)   Stainless steel with rubber edging


$129.95 set

Bed Side Rails Parts This 87 Choo Choo Customs version EC SS has these rails on the rear quarters

8N 8002   Bed Rail Screws (Twelve Required) Discontinued Limited Stock $3.95 ea
8N 8003   Rail Screws (Twelve Required) $1.95 ea

El Camino's Plus Home Catalog Index